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Ron LeGrand Real Estate Investment Ebook!

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Ron LeGrand Real Estate Ebook

This ebook has been written by the "GURU" Ron Legrand who, at the time of this book has bought and sold over 1500 houses! Techniques like buying "ugly" houses, pretty houses, flipping, no money deals, and many more! All with money in your pocket at closing!

This is Ron LeGrand's new ebook sharing his secrets of how to make the big profits in Real Estate Investing. He has made many thousands of Millionaires all over the world by teaching these same techniques. Here is your opportunity to gain from the guru of gurus at a fraction of the cost most of us have spent to learn his secrets.

Table of Contents

1. Nine steps to improve  your closing ration

2.  Getting out of your comfort zone

3.  The power within

4.  Selling houses Fast Part 1

5.  Selling houses Fast Part 2

6. It takes money to make money

7.  When to look a gift horse in the mouth

8.  Flipping is illegal

9. Magic words that make a million


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